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This section equips homeowners with the information and strategies needed to turn their vision into a home, or a renovation-that can be built on-time and within budget. We hope that these articles will help you figure out what you need and how best to do it. And if you need supplies to make your project a reality, the somparison shopping engine can also help you find the best prices out there.

You will find style guides to help you decide on interior designs, tips on products and materials choices, etc.

Starting Your Remodeling Project

Before you actually begin a project, whether large or small, you should be sure you understand what is involved and know how to accomplish it. You'll probably start with a dream that seems perfectly clear - say, a freshly decorated living room - but you'll quickly realize that many questions must be answered before you begin. You'll see too that the answer to one question may affect the answer to another, so take your time and think things through.

Find Out How Remodeling Can Increase Your Home Value

Define your Goals

What result do you want to achieve by your remodeling project? Of course you want your home to look great and everything to work perfectly. But what do you have to do to make this happen with your budget, time and other restrictions? Define the steps that will lead you to your main goal. Planninig will make things so much easier. To start with, try to find answers to the following questions:

  1. Why are you undertaking the remodeling project?
    You want to change the look of the room? Want a different style for your interior? Need more space? Do changes in your health require some accessibility features? Are there old fixtures that don't work anymore and need to be replaced? This list can be much longer...
  2. Does the room need a cosmetic update, or a comprehesive remodel?
    How extensive should the update or redo be? How many things do you want to replace?
  3. How is your future tied to this house?
    Do you plan to live there a long time? Is the house an investment? Will this project increase the value of the house, or price it out of its neighborhood? Will you be able to get the investment back should you decide to sell? Are you trying to fix up the home so that you can sell it in the near future?

Answers to those questions will help you to define how big your remodeling project should be and what exactly you need to improve, replace, add or remove in your home, and, of course, it will help you to define the budget you will need.

Remodeling your home should be an enjoyable activity, because you’re doing something to improve and enhance the look of your place. It’s important that you set your eyes on your goal, and then figure out the best way to accomplish it.

Remember, by planning ahead you save both time and money.

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