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His and Her Bathrooms

The manner in which we approach bathroom design varies from person-to-person since we all have our own unique taste. When it comes to building or remodeling for his and her bathrooms conflict may arise in styles and construction. Perhaps he may want that so desired steam shower for that relaxing sauna effect and she wants the well-appointed comfort of a whirlpool bath. Realtors concur there is a growing trend in the two master suite bathroom concept in residential homes for a more personal bathing experience.

In most homes there is only one master bathroom, so who wins the battle? Well, according to design experts, it’s usually the female and he either gets the bathroom down the hall or a new master bath is custom built to his liking. Masculine bathrooms tend to be more monochromatic with a bathroom suite to include a conventional wall cabinet, an oversized wall mounted sink and push button toilet for simplicity. For the feminine bathroom most often encrusted with soft pastels, candles, plants and lavish works of art to adorn the walls. Hers may also include heated towel racks, layered lighting, sconces, wall mirrors with built in recessed lighting and a surface mounted basin.

Dual bathrooms

Another design concept for his and her bathrooms is to turn the existing master suite bath into a dual room. Before doing so decide on how much space is required for this type of layout. Do you want a single free standing walk-in shower with a separate bath which is both practical and functional for a dual bathroom? Since two people share the same space, dividing the room into compartments allows the couple to share the bathroom while allowing the privacy factor to be maintained. In this type of setting you can include two bathing facilities and two separate basins or an extended bathroom vanity with two basins, toilets that are portioned off with a full wall or half-wall.

Generally bathrooms that are compartmentalized require ample space which may mean sacrificing a part of the bedroom for the allotted bathroom design. In some instances where you are adding additional space, it is recommended you consult with a bathroom remodeling contractor to calculate space in accordance to the floor plan and budgetary requirements. Keep in mind that dual bathrooms should have some level of continuity throughout the room in order not to distort the look of space. Before paint, tiles or wallpaper are purchased, the bathroom suite should be purchased and then coordinated with the bathroom furnishings. Bathroom suites are available in unique shapes, styles and colors that will add character to your custom built retreat and offer long-term livability and enjoyment.

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