Barefoot Floor Comparison Shopping

Selecting A Hardwood Grade

When a log is milled into flooring at the factory the wood is picked for grade (appearance). The better or more uniform the appearance, the higher the grade.

Select & Better Grade
The most uniform strips with only subtle natural variations in color.

Exclusive Grade
A mixed selection of strips composed of about 75% Select & Better grade and 25% Traditional grade.

Traditional Grade
Strips with more distinct natural color variations and small, healthy knots for a more rustic appearance.

Character GradeTM is unique and only manufactured by HomerWoodTM. The word "Character" describes the flooring because the wood's inherent characteristics - the very fingerprints of nature - have been beautifully and reassuringly preserved. Any defects that can weaken the floor are removed, and the end result is an elegant floor that includes both clear and character planks that reflect the best attributes of the natural wood.

Premium The highest hardwood floors grade available from the stock. Basically free from natural defects within 5 to 9 percent tolerance.

Builder Grade Consists of natural defects in the 20% to 30% range. Minor milling defects. A largely sought after grade for hardwood floors and wide plank flooring.

Clear is wood that has very few flaws or character marks, it is practically free of defects and made up of mostly heartwood, though it may still contain minor imperfections. Clear-grade hardwood flooring is most uniform in color, longer lengths, virtually no blemishes or knots.

Select hardwood has a bright grain, a few flaws, and most pieces match well. "Select" is almost clear but this grade contains more of the natural characteristics such as knots and color variations.

Country or Exclusive Grades - Boards starting to show the natural character such as lighter and darker boards, shorter board average, small pinholes and tiny knots possible.

Traditional, Antique, Character Grades - Boards show a lot of natural character such as light and dark boards, pinholes and knots possible, small checks allowed. Overall board lengths are shorter.

Tavern or Cabin Grade - Boards show a lot of character such as light and dark boards, lengths of boards are shorter approx 24" average. Pinholes and knots can be quite evident.

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