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Compare prices on the bathroom toilet of your choice for your next bathroom remodel. Whether you are looking for a bidet toilet, looking to update with a dual flush toilet, need a replacement tank, an energy efficient toilet, just a new toilet seat or are looking to redesign with an elegant black toilet, will help you find the best price to make your ideal bathroom. Toilets are about as varied as any other bathroom fixture these days, so make sure you evaluate your needs - both in design and water use - and shop smartly.  

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The toilet, no matter how much we deny or ignore it, is a prominent part of our lives and our homes. We tuck it away in well decorated rest rooms or cover it in ornate toilet seats and accessories, but its purpose in our lives is undeniable and should be appreciated, not concealed ... There are now water conserving bowls and flushing technologies that surpass more wasteful products from years back.
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Standard toilets all work on the same principle: gravity. Water is stored in a tank mounted above the bowl and released when a handle is pulled, flowing downward and flushing away any waste in the toilet bowl. However, with changing demands and advancing technology, there has been much development to construct toilets for specific needs.
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